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  • How long can I rent a bell tent for?
    Our listed pricing is for a 3-day rental period. Extended rental periods are also available. Contact us for pricing.
  • Do you offer setup and takedown?
    Yes, we offer full-service setup and takedown options as well as DIY customer pick-up/setup options for certain bell tent sizes.
  • Do you offer delivery and pickup?
  • What is a Bell Tent?
    A Bell tent is a unique shelter with a simple circular design, supported by a single center pole and guy wires. Bell tents are commonly used for luxury camping (aka. glamping) but they are also a fantastic option to create unique spaces for a birthday party in your backyard, a lounge at a wedding or event, or a tent village for vendors or accommodation.
  • How do I use a bell tent for an event?
    Yes, explore our blog to learn about all of the ways you can use a bell tent to elevate your next event. CLICK HERE.
  • Do you offer tables and chairs?
    For all of the items you will need to furnish your tented event, please visit our partner’s website, Special Event Rentals.
  • What is Glamping?
    Glamping is luxury camping. A glamping experience offers some of the comforts of home while spending time in nature. A Bell Glamping tent often offers a high peak ceiling, spacious interior, and comfortable bedding.
  • Do you provide bedding?
    Yes, browse our inventory for our bedding options.
  • Do you have other camping supplies?
    Yes. We have some auxiliary items to furnish your glamping experience, such as chairs, tables, lanterns, throw blankets, and throw pillows. Browse our inventory to learn more.
  • Do you have power?
    Yes, you can rent one of our solar-powered battery packs.
  • Can I cook inside the tent?
    No, open flame and cooking is not permitted inside the tent.
  • Where can I glamp?
    Any campground that has a grass, soil or gravel surface where you can stake the tent. You can also create relaxing glamping experiences on private land (with permission, of course!), crown land, or in your backyard! Check out our blog for some suggestions.
  • How long is set-up?
    15-30 mins for one Bell Tent.
  • How many people are required for set-up?
    2 people are recommended for setup; however, the 8ft or 10ft bell tents can be set up with 1 person.
  • How many people can each sleep?
    View our tent configurations for sleeping arrangements.
  • Can it be weighted?
    No, Bell tents must be staked.
  • Is it fire retardant?
    Yes, but open flame and cooking are not permitted inside the tent.

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