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8 ways to create better events with glamping tents

Looking to amp up your outdoor gathering? Glamping tents are the perfect solution to transform any event, from family get-togethers to city park outings and celebrations.

The right outdoor tent rental could take your event to the next level by expanding your entertaining options, adding additional space and offering much-needed shelter to any get-together.

From intimate gatherings to casual celebrations, outdoor tent rentals can provide the flexibility, creativity, and convenience necessary to elevate your event experience.

In this blog post on glamping tents and events, we’ll explore:

  • How glamping tents can help you bring your event to life

  • Eight creative ideas for glamping tents

  • Making a glamping tent work for your budget

How a glamping tent can bring your ideas to life

Bringing your favourite people together should always be a meaningful, memorable occasion, whatever you’re celebrating. But we all know there are additional factors to consider when planning events, from how much space you’ll need to how to handle inclement weather.

Adding a tent to your event can reassure you that no matter the weather, you’ll still have room for guests and a way to keep them comfortable without booking a separate venue. You’d be surprised at how flexible it is to add a tent to a smaller event that needs just a little something special to stand out.

The right tent should be a versatile canvas for your ideas, with the flexibility to work for you whether you want to set it up for lounging, sleeping, dining, or other uses. You can add decor and lighting to create your own theme or rent everything you need to give your event an unexpected twist.

Remember to look for a rental window that works for you. For example, a three-day tent rental means you’ll have time to use your tent through the weekend or to allow plenty of time for setup and return when the fun’s over.

8 creative ideas for using a glamping tent

You may already be brainstorming details for an upcoming event or simply have the desire to bring people together in a way that will be memorable and comfortable for all.

Let’s explore how glamping tents can be the base of your event planning or added on for the perfect touch.

1. Family & Group Camping Sites

Whether you're camping in the great outdoors or hosting a family reunion, a glamping tent can create a communal space where everyone can socialize, relax, and enjoy, no matter the weather. Shielded from the elements, your group can carry on sharing meals, playing games, and making the most of family time.

2. City park outings

Upgrade a weekend gathering at a city park with a glamping tent. Create a home base for your group, providing a sheltered area that accommodates various needs, such as nursing infants, keeping young kids entertained, or providing a rest area for differing levels of ability and mobility. With a glamping tent, you can make your outings more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

3. Milestone Celebrations

Add a touch of elegance and functionality to milestone events like anniversaries, birthdays, bridal or baby showers, and birthday parties. These versatile structures can serve as additional seating areas, outdoor lounges, or separate party spaces, allowing you to expand your venue, keep your indoor areas private, and ensure every guest feels comfortable and included.

4. Backyard Sleepovers for kids

Make a special children's sleepover memorable by setting up a glamping tent in the backyard. Kids will love the adventure of spending the night outdoors, while parents can have peace of mind knowing they are sheltered and comfortable.

5. Intimate Dinner Parties

Create a unique and intimate dining experience by hosting a dinner party inside a glamping tent. Whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a small group gathering, the cozy ambiance of a tent will add extra charm. You can opt for traditional seating or a casual vibe with floor cushions, creating a memorable evening filled with great food, wine, and conversation.

6. Wedding Ceremony or Vow Renewals

Glamping tents can serve as stunning ceremony spaces for couples seeking a unique, enchanting, intimate outdoor wedding. With customizable decor, these tents add a touch of class and create a memorable atmosphere. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, tents bring the magic of the outdoors to your special day – without the unexpected drama of rain-soaked vows.

7. Outdoor Bars & Lounges

Add a touch of sophistication to outdoor events with glamping tents transformed into stylish bars, lounges, or cocktail party spaces. Protect your guests from the elements while providing a designated area for drinks and socializing. By creating different zones within an event space, such as a bar area, a food area, or a photo booth corner, you can elevate the overall experience and send your guests home with stories, not sunburns.

8. Auxiliary Tent for Existing Venues

Expand your event's capacity and inclusivity by creating auxiliary spaces with a tent. You can accommodate additional guests, provide sheltered areas for specific activities, or add a unique touch to your event's layout. Offering shade and shelter ensures that all attendees can enjoy the event, regardless of the weather or their individual needs.

Making a glamping tent work with your budget

You may think event tents are for bigger, highly curated events, but there’s a good chance a tent fits your budget – and may even save you the expense of a larger venue.

When considering the cost of an outdoor tent rental, consider the most critical elements of your event and allocate the budget to those items first. Then other items can be DIY or scaled back a bit for cost without impacting how your event feels. For example, your guests will never know the cost of the rental chair they’re sitting on, but they’ll notice if they are sheltered when it rains!

When it comes to tents and events, you might be surprised at how easy the process can be. It’s all about thoughtfully allocating your money and working with the right people to make sure it all goes smoothly. Flexibility is key – you’ll only pay for what you need, nothing more. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for what you envision for your event.

Glamping tents offer endless possibilities to enhance outdoor events by creating comfortable, stylish, and memorable spaces. If you have your own ideas, we’ll be the backdrop. If you need inspiration, we’ll have what you need to make it special.

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