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How to select a wedding tent

Timber Pole Tent with string lighting
Timber Pole Tent

A wedding celebration beneath the elegant shelter of a beautifully adorned tent offers the perfect blend of an outdoor ambiance while safeguarding against unpredictable weather conditions. That said, hosting an outdoor tented wedding is not as straightforward as you might think. To embark on this romantic journey, one must consider a range of important event details.

So, at the beginning stage of planning your tented wedding, consider such crucial factors as budget, weather, power and amenities, event theme, location, and logistics. Let’s review each of them.


One of the greatest benefits to a tented wedding is the creative freedom it allows. From flooring, chairs, and décor to lighting, the choice is yours. This flexibility, however, can come at a cost. No matter the event location - indoors or outdoors, your guest count will play a huge factor in your budget - the greater your numbers, the more expensive your wedding. If you don’t have a wedding planner, know your budget and reach out to an event rental company for support and guidance. Start with the priority items and build out from there. 

Professional tent installation services are highly recommended to ensure your event venue is safe for your guests. Don’t forget - an added bonus of an outdoor event is experiencing the beauty and ambiance that nature provides. You don’t need to incorporate the latest décor trends to execute a memorable wedding for you and your closest friends and family. 


The weather must not be overlooked when planning a tented event. Accounting for all climatic factors is essential. Will your summer wedding unfold in an area known for high-winds, high daytime temperatures with cool evening temperatures? Being prepared to manage these elements will be imperative to the success of your tented wedding, but will affect your budget. Having an appropriate plan in place and being aware of the associated costs will be a game-changer for your event and your stress level. Think air-conditioning units or fans to manage the heat and propane heaters to take the edge off of a brisk evening. For these reasons, tent walls are a must. Most tent walls can be opened or closed, allowing for the ability to adapt to changing weather conditions. If the wind picks up suddenly, you want to have the option to close a sidewall, rather than have your table settings blow over. If you are planning to heat your tent with a forced air propane heater, the walls will need to be closed to effectively heat the tent.

Power and amenities 

Outdoor events still require basic amenities like washrooms and power!  Depending on your event size and access to onsite washroom facilities, consider washroom trailers to prevent crowding in onsite facilities or for ease of access for your guests.

Electricity is a must. If you do not have adequate access to power onsite, consider portable generators. This ensures the reliable operation of heating or cooling units, lighting, DJ, band, or catering services. Make sure to obtain the power requirements from each of your vendors to ensure you have the appropriate amount of power available onsite.

Event Theme 

Transforming your tent into a dreamy space is an exciting prospect. Whether you envision a rustic country-inspired wedding or a romantic garden affair. Tents can accommodate any theme. Wedding and party tents come in various styles and materials, from basic white vinyl to clear fabric tents, timber frame pole tents, and more. Contact us to ensure your tent aligns with your event vision and budget.


When considering the location for your tented wedding, it’s important to consider 3 crucial elements: ground surface, site dimensions, and site access. Try to choose an area with fairly level ground. This will help with a smooth tent install and help keep your tables level for your guests. The type of ground surface (grass, asphalt, concrete, etc.) will factor into the type of tent you can use, as certain tents must be staked and others can be staked or weighted. The area you choose must be large enough to facilitate the size of the tent you need. Tent rental companies can help you determine how much square footage of tent coverage is required based on your event size and scope. Finally, make sure there is adequate access for the tent installation crew. Having truck and equipment access to the site will save you money, avoiding extra labor charges if crews need to move product by hand long distances or navigate stairs. 


A seamless event flow for you and your guests should be a priority in planning your outdoor event. If the ceremony takes place outside the tent, ensure a convenient transition for guests between the ceremony and reception. Perhaps the inclusion of walkway tents or flooring would add some extra comfort if your guests have to travel far on foot. If your ceremony takes place inside the tent, consider your flow in that singular space. Do you need an auxiliary tent to host a cocktail hour for your guests, while your event team or helpers break down your ceremony chairs and set up your reception? There are many options available, depending on the limitations of the outdoor space and budget.

Types of outdoor party tents

When planning a tented wedding, the first step is choosing the right tent for your event scope. It's important to recognize the range of wedding tent structures available.

Collaborating with a reputable tent rental company becomes paramount at this stage, ensuring that the selected tent aligns seamlessly with your event's location, size, style, and budget. Let’s explore the most common types of wedding tent structures available for rental, offering you insight into the diverse options that can elevate your celebration to new heights:

  1. Clearspan Tents

  2. Pole Tents

  3. Marquee Tents

  4. Bell Tents

Clearspan Tent with clear fabric
Clearspan Tent with clear fabric

Clearspan Tent: A clearspan tent boasts a sturdy metal framework and maximum interior space, free of interior obstructions. These tents allow for setup on various ground types, more challenging surfaces like concrete or wood, and even for installation over immovable objects. The appeal of clearspan tents lies in their freestanding design, eliminating the need for intrusive poles when arranging reception tables and decorative elements. Clearspan tents can be weighted down or staked, offering even more versatility.

Timber Pole Tent
Timber Pole Tent

Pole Tent: In contrast, a pole tent relies on upright poles and exterior guy wires to support its structure, creating a distinctive high-peaked effect on the tent's ceiling. While planning your layout involves working around these poles and guy wires, they offer an opportunity for unique decoration—imaginatively adorned with elements like greenery. However, it's essential to note that pole tents are best suited for softer surfaces such as grass, as they must be staked to the ground. You will also require additional space - generally a 6ft perimeter, around the tent to accommodate the tent’s guy wires.

A multiple marquee tent set up at the outdoor event, party
Multiple marquee tent set up

Marquee Tent: A marquee tent features a peaked roofline, similar to a pole tent and the framework and cross cables support a floating centre-pole. This tent is versatile enough for installations on both hard and soft surfaces, allowing for staked or weighted options for securement. Although marquee tents are generally more compact than their clearspan and pole counterparts, they find their niche as charming walkways or cocktail hour spaces. Moreover, these tents can be seamlessly joined to create a larger reception tent, offering flexibility in adapting to various event sizes, layouts, budgets, and ground surfaces.

Bell Tent with tables and chairs set up inside
Bell Tent

Bell Tent: For those seeking a touch of bohemian charm and a unique atmosphere at their wedding, bell tents emerge as a captivating option. The distinctive shape of bell tents, with their graceful curves and spacious interiors, adds a whimsical and romantic allure to any outdoor celebration. Ideal for intimate gatherings or as cozy getaways within a larger event, bell tents provide a cozy and inviting space for guests. Their versatility allows for creative customization, making them perfect for various wedding styles, from rustic and boho-chic to elegant garden affairs. Adorned with plush seating and ambient lighting, bell tents create a tranquil haven where guests can unwind and revel in the magic of the moment. Whether used as charming lounges, bridal suites, or unique accommodations for the adventurous couple, bell tents bring a touch of magic to outdoor weddings, offering a delightful retreat under the open sky. Incorporating bell tents can add an enchanting dimension to your wedding, leaving lasting memories for both you and your guests.

All of the above tent types come in a range of sizes. Selecting the right size and type is imperative to the success of your event. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get advice. 

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