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Party inspiration: 10 ideas for backyard tent rentals in 2024

Clearspan tent with skylight roof and wedding set up, outdoor event
Clearspan tent with skylight roof

Warm weather brings out the entertaining bug in all of us. Something about long days and mild weather just calls for gathering with families and friends. Slowing down to enjoy these moments allows us to capture important memories every summer.

Inviting people to your home always comes with a list of factors to consider. How much room will you need? What if it rains? Anything that makes planning easier can take your event from imagination to reality. Ideally, you take your ideas outside and enjoy!

A tent can add a special touch to any gathering, from celebrations and milestones to corporate events. It can also remove some of the unknowns that make event planning tricky.

In this blog post on backyard events, we’ll explore:

  • Why throw a party in your own backyard?

  • 10 ideas for backyard tent rentals

  • How a tent rental can set your event apart

  • Small tent decoration ideas

Why throw a party in your own backyard?

Summer is an excellent time to get people together. School is winding down, and there is often a gap between spring and summer sports that leaves a precious weekend or two open.

When planning your next event, don’t overlook the space you already have. There could be an easy way to turn it into the perfect backdrop for a memorable event while staying close to home for any guests who may need a reprieve from the celebration.

Whether you want to host a big family BBQ or show your appreciation for a particular group of people, you may be surprised at just how much you can manage in your backyard, especially with a backyard tent rental.

A stretch tent set up at the outdoor event, party
Stretch tent

Home entertaining: 10 ideas for backyard tent rentals

Backyard entertaining isn’t just for family BBQs and children’s birthday parties. Many of us love to invite our extended families and larger groups over, and summer is the perfect time to do it.

A backyard tent rental can be all you need to make a big splash. Let’s look at all the different events you can host in your backyard.

Birthday parties

Birthdays are special, and milestone birthdays are even more so. Make the event memorable with a small tent rental to set the stage for celebrating the birthday guest.


Whether you’re gathering the family to toast a silver or gold anniversary or reuniting your wedding party for a first-anniversary bash, do it up right and get your cameras ready.


Some dream of a destination wedding, but others love the magical feeling of saying “I do” where they feel most rooted. Perhaps your backyard or next to your parents’ garden has always held a special place in your heart. We’ll help you create the perfect setting.

Celebrations of life

When a loved one passes, gathering with family and friends to share stories and remember meaningful moments can be a comfort. Hosting these events at home can create privacy not found in public venues.

Graduation and end-of-school parties

As we wrap up another school year, kids everywhere welcome summer break and launch new chapters after graduation. Bring family or school friends together to celebrate hard work and exciting steps forward.

Backyard concerts

Many musicians are happy to book local gigs for backyard gatherings. With a bit of shelter to keep performers and equipment protected from the elements, your event will be a hit.

Housewarming parties

What better way to kick off making new memories than a housewarming party? Often these gatherings include a few too many people in the living room, but they can be perfect when held in the backyard.

Client or employee appreciation parties

Show your gratitude for hardworking employees or loyal clients by hosting a special event to thank them for their commitment. Whether you prefer a professional or informal setting, you can use a backyard tent to strike the perfect balance.

Pre-Stampede parties

A familiar theme takes over our area every summer. When you start seeing cowboy hats, you know the Calgary Stampede is just around the corner. Host a pre-Stampede event for your clients, team, or family, then head down to enjoy the show.

Pre or post-game celebrations

Have a group of raving fans who love to cheer for the same team? Bring everyone together to celebrate before or after a big game. Boost the fun (and safety) by arranging shared transportation to or from the event.

Marquee Tent
Marquee Tent

Small tent decoration ideas

No matter the size of the event, you’ll have your vision for what it should look and feel like when you welcome your guests to your space. No need to turn down your creative energy —a tent is the perfect blank canvas for your decorating ideas.

You’ve likely seen beautiful events staged in large tents, but what if your backyard is a bit more humble in size? No problem. Small tent rentals can be perfect for a less expansive space, while still providing the shelter and setting you’ve imagined.

Tent decor can range from how you decide to stage and set up your tent to the accessories you add to create the mood. Your first step is to determine what kind of accommodations you need in your tent. Will you find tables for food more useful or seating for guests? Perhaps a combination of both? We can help you make selections to ensure your guests are comfortable.

For decor ideas, the sky’s the limit! We’re here to help bring your vision to life. You can create a unique look with accessories, lighting, and a few splashes of colour. Choose a theme or colour palette to guide your selections or combine your favourites for a personal touch. Add a few pieces of your own or rent what you need to get the look you want.

Bell Tent with beds, glamping
Bell Tent

How can a tent rental set your event apart?

A tent rental can be the secret weapon that elevates your summer entertaining. While most of us love time outdoors in warm weather, there are always unexpected twists to plan for.

A tent can help protect your guests (and the refreshments) from the hot sun or unexpected storm clouds and rain. It can remove some of the unknowns accompanying planning a party, offering shelter from whatever Mother Nature decides to dish out.

Invite everyone you want to bring together, confident you can host everyone comfortably without bringing everyone right into your home. The extra space you’ll gain with a tent will easily cover those extended family members, plus-ones, and neighbours you invited.

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