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Bell tent parties for grad: grad celebration redefined

Updated: Apr 2

AI generated Bell tent party idea in the valley and mountains
Bell tent party setup in the mountains

With graduation season just around the corner, parents and graduates are seeking out unique and unforgettable ways to celebrate with friends. Instead of opting for traditional venues and party settings, why not consider a fresh alternative?

Imagine a magical outdoor gathering with your favorite people sharing stories, celebrating personal achievements, and making lifelong memories.

Welcome to the world of bell tents, a delightful blend of comfort and adventure revolutionizing the art of celebration.

In this blog post on bell tent parties for grad, we’ll explore:

  • What makes a bell tent such a great idea for grad

  • Three tent party ideas to inspire your planning

  • How to decide between DIY or full-service tent party rentals

  • Tent parties for grad: what parents should know

What makes a bell tent such a great idea for grad?

Every family celebrates milestones and upholds traditions in unique ways. You may love small, intimate gatherings or big, lively events. No matter how you celebrate, there’s a way to customize a tent party to fit your family.

Here are a few reasons why a bell tent party could be perfect for grad:


Bell tents can be used as a hangout space for kids to lounge, or they can be sleeping quarters. You can host for a day, a night, or a weekend. Want a charming setting for photos? Our tents are a neutral canvas for your vision, that later can become a cozy crash zone after a bonfire and s’mores.


Tent parties are cost-effective. Don’t worry about booking a venue or organizing group contributions to a big event. We also offer three-day rentals, so there’s time to get full enjoyment from your party tent rental if you want to enjoy it with close friends or family the next day.


We all know what it’s like to make plans with teens. With a tent party, kids can come and go, and you don’t need a firm headcount. There’s no extra cost or hassle if someone brings a friend or can’t attend at the last minute.

Unforgettable memories

A backyard party tent gives everyone a chance to experience something new. It’s easy to get a great turnout and create immediate enthusiasm when there’s something fun and different in the mix. And, of course, the group photos will be amazing!


As a parent, it can be nice to know where your kids are hanging out. Plus, if your graduate and friends are of legal drinking age, you can host overnight and not worry about anyone driving late at night (or waiting up listening for the sound of the garage door!)

3 tent party ideas to inspire your planning

Maybe you have a clear vision of what your grad celebration should look and feel like. Wonderful! We can supply what you need to bring it to life.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we have a few ideas you can use as a jumping-off point.

  • Backyard teen lounge

Set up a backyard party tent as a cool lounge space for your grad and their friends. With cool lighting and comfortable seating, they can make the tent their party headquarters. You can host kids for an after-grad party or plan something for the next day. They can come and go, and the tent can easily be converted to sleeping accommodations easily if you want to host overnight.

  • Mini-festival vibe

Have a little more space? Create a tent village with one big tent for lounge space and separate sleeping quarters in smaller tents. You can create a mini-music festival vibe with a main party tent with a dance floor and music. We even have an inflatable bandshell if you want to cover a stage for a live performance or musical guest.

  • Weekend sleepover/campout

Time to make some core memories with close friends. Why not host one last weekend sleepover for a close group of best friends? It’s the perfect time to shore up those connections before they embrace new adventures. We’re picturing a chill weekend of PJs, lots of snacks, and pancakes for breakfast.

How to decide between DIY or full-service tent party rentals

Setting up one of our bell tents is very easy, but it’s up to you to decide what will help make your grad celebration run smoothly.

We know some families have all kinds of help and want to just pick things up and get to work, making sure it all comes together the way they’ve envisioned. Our tents are simple to set up and handle on your own with a handy pick up and drop off with our team.

But we also know how busy grad can be for families. Some of you are hosting guests, some have younger siblings, and some just can’t imagine adding one more thing to their plates, much as they would love to pull off the perfect party tent event. We’ve got you.

Tent parties for grad: what parents should know

Knowing what to expect can help you create the right event for your family, but if you haven’t hosted a tent party before, you may have a few questions.

Let’s run through a few questions you may have about bell party tent rentals:

Do I need to supply anything?

Depending on your budget, we can provide furnishings, seating, sleeping arrangements, dining furniture, and even themed decor to go along with your tent rental, or you can use what you have. It’s up to you!

What if it rains?

We know Calgary weather. Our tents need to hold steady in wind, rain, and storms. You can be assured our tents will be completely functional in all conditions.

Do I need a permit for a bell tent?

Nope! No permit is required, and you don’t need to “call before you dig.” The size of our bell tents bypasses restrictions on larger event tents, so they can be set up wherever there’s room.

What if I want to keep the tent longer than a day?

Great news! We have a flat rate for three-day rentals, giving you plenty of time to set up, enjoy, and return it in time. You’ll have time to bring your ideas to life and linger in the moment.

Let’s figure out what works best for your vision. We’ll help you build a package with just what you need and no more. Whatever level of support you need, we’ve got you covered.

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